The 1st Step Towards The Life You’re Meant To Have

Always Look Up

So back to the beginning of my SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, I was heavily addicted to meth, which is one thing no one is truly honest about. The news and people in general have an image of meth users: they are psychotic, look half dead, are scary, will do anything for drugs, and are basically bad people. While some of this stuff is true to a point, not all of it and not every user is like that. Every single drug addict was at one time just like you or someone you know. They weren’t born that way and honestly most never CHOSE to become addicts. My ADDICTION started with pain pills that my Dr handed over like candy. By the time I was physically addicted to them I had no idea what was going on and that my life was forever changed. I was lost in the pills and didn’t even realize it. I’m not exaggerating or trying to sugar coat it. To this day, I can’t believe how naive I was. I’ve been labeled an addict since I was about 28 or 29 and my life has never been the same. It probably never will be in my hometown and I’m not sure they will ever see me as the person I really am. I HATED being addicted to drugs, couldn’t quit, and was so lost for so many years. And I mean completely LOST. Two years ago, I had something happen that changed me and my life forever. To cut it short, I thought I was dying, losing my mind, and one night when I was at the end of my rope…I saw JESUS in the mirror! I will swear to this until the day I die. He was looking back at me, only for a second or two, but I saw him. I’ve been on a SPIRITUAL JOURNEY ever since. When I finally decided I really couldn’t take the life I was living anymore. I knew something had to CHANGE. One of the first things I had to do was take an honest look at everything and everyone in my life. Even scarier than that was taking an honest look at myself. I was shocked by how much of my life I lied to myself about everything that happened in my life. It was a really rough few months of FINDING PARTS OF ME. I was so ashamed of many things I had done in my life that I didn’t even acknowledge that part of me. I had a childhood trauma come back to me after almost 40 years of completely blocking it out of my mind. I’ve had a lot of HEALING to do and may have more. Now most people are probably not in the depths of DESPAIR I was, but the things I have done to change my life could work for anyone.

It all starts with doing five things HONESTLY and from your HEART: 1. Take an honest look at your life: where you are, the people in your life, what you’re doing, and at yourself 2. Find what’s not working: do you have supportive people in your life or people you probably don’t need to be spending time with, are you happy with your home or do you even have one, is your job fulfilling and are you happy doing it, most important is are you happy with the way you show up in the world, do you respect yourself and others, do you honor your values, are you a good son/daughter, husband/wife, friend, sibling, etc, WHO ARE YOU??? 3. Imagine what your life would look like if all the things that aren’t working for you in your life were gone and instead you were living life the way you really want it, having support you need, being proud of who you are every day, changing where you live or where you work if they don’t align with who you are so can be truly happy WHO ARE YOU REALLY? 4. Write it down or make lists. Something that will make it stick in your head so you can go back and look at it when you need to 5. MOST IMPORTANT STEP Have FAITH that it will happen, BELIEVE and KNOW that GOD/UNIVERSE, the ANGELS, and your SPIRIT GUIDES have your back when you allow them to. Pray or talk to them, out loud or in your head. ASK them for GUIDANCE. I PROMISE they hear you and will come to your side. If you MEDITATE, which I strongly recommend trying no matter how you feel about it, concentrate on the DIVINE and they will come to you. This is something I KNOW WITH ALL MY HEART AND WILL HAPPEN FOR ANYONE WHO ASKS!

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