My Inspiration

Today I just want to share what has inspired me to take a chance at something new. Something new that I hope turns into a successful way for my life, the obstacles I’ve overcome, and the many traumatic experiences I’ve gone through to be used as a way to help other people realize they are not alone and they can make it through anything. I’ve been on this spiritual journey for two years now. It’s been crazy, amazing, emotional, sad, joyful, and everything in between all of that. In February of this year, I lost my only son, Blake, 25 years young, to suicide and it turned my whole world upside down. The one thing I always said I could never live through actually happened. I lost a child, and not only lost him, but he took his own life. Omg how can I ever go on? Things were a blur, but I went through the motions and did what had to be done for his funeral, which was actually supposed to be a celebration of life. That kid had SO many people in his life that loved him so much! The building was packed. My favorite part was his friends doing burnouts (if you’re not familiar with the word, it is when people squeal out and leave marks on the pavement) outside the place we held his services. There were Harley’s first, then all kinds of pickups, more motorcycles and even cars doing it. It was amazing and thankfully no one got in trouble from the police, although they did show up. Lol. So my life for the last six months has been learning to live without him on this earth. To say I’m doing good is true, but to say I have times it hurts so bad I want to be with him is also true. I have made so many big and amazing changes in my life and I know he’s very proud of me and has been watching over me and even by my side at times. I’ve had this connection to the other side for at least two years now if not my whole life, but I’m finally trying to embrace it and learn more so I can use it to help people, give them hope and peace that our loved ones are not as far away as we think. I am finally ready to share my story.

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